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WZ5Q's Studio "X"

Studio "X" Audio Racks


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Bellari Gold Baby!!
Studio "X-treme Audio!!" Audio Racks
Bellari Gold Baby!!

Howdy Ya'll!

Here are the Pro Audio "Racks" for Studio "X".
These units do Wonderfully Beautiful things
to your Audio if you massage them right....

and Horribly AWFUL things to it if you don't!!

Click here for an Audio demonstration of all the units!!

Click on the pics to see the BIG PICS. There's some links too.

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Click HERE for the Bellari Mods!

This is the Bellari RP520 Studio Tube Microphone Preamp. It uses a pair of 5751 Tubes with very high plate voltage for amplification, as does all the Bellari equipment in this rack. Of course the tubes were rolled out for some RCA 5751 Command Series, Black Plates. This mod alone gave the unit a very Jazzy Sonic Characteristic, with much more emphasis on the Low Frequency Harmonix. The stock Op Amps were changed out to AD823AN. This enhanced the Low Frequency Dynamics and also the Clarity of the entire Frequency Spectrum. Totally Awesome Sound now.

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Click HERE for the Bellari Mods!

Here's the Bellari RP533 Studio Tube Multi-Processor. This unit is full of Magical Harmonics that just make your Audio turn into music. It's just Unbelievable. This units Exciter will enhance the Harmonix to a new Level of Existence, while the Compressor section adds a new dimension of Soft Silkiness and Smoothness to the Audio Signature. This unit also has its tubes rolled to 5751 Commands and has AD823AN Op Amps installed.

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Click HERE for the Bellari Mods!

This one is the Bellari RP583 Studio Dual Tube Compressor/Limiter. We use 2 of these in a Multi-Band Compression configuration with the Drawmer Three-Sum. As with all the Bellari's at the Voodoo Studio, the 2 tubes & Op Amps have been changed out to give the Audio a Haunting Resonance and Smoothness. This sound can ONLY be gotten with tube equipment. The secret is in the 150V High Plate Voltage. No Starved Plate Voltage here. The Bellari also uses Polypropylene Coupling Capacitors in the Tube path for best audio coupling. This Compressor excels with voice applications as it uses an Opto Compressor. It has some of the Warmest, Silky Smooth Audio of any Compressors that have been thru here.

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Click HERE for the Bellari Mods!

Now this is the Bellari RP562 Stereo Tube Sonic Exciter. This little dude can be a handful and is not very user friendly. But when you get it figured out and find its "sweet spot"....Its a Revelation!! The RP583 Compressor is used in front of this unit to try and 'Tame' it some. Of course the Tubes and Op Amps were all 'Rolled' for that awesome Resonance. This unit has a different characteristic in processing Audio as it actually has a very unique sound to it. It's hard to describe the Effect this unit gives, but it's like a soft phasing type of smoothing it gives the Audio. It's of such a different and unique sound that it will never be removed from the Rack, no matter how bad this Rogue of a unit acts up.

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Here's the HHB Classic 70 Tube Parametric Equalizer. There's absolutely no comparison between this Tube Analog unit and ANY of the Digiwigi units. This unit TOTALLY blows them away in every department that counts. The Audio coming out of this unit has that Flowing, Silky Smooth Resonance. It doesn't have that Technically Sliced and Diced Digiwigi sound. This particular unit has had some very extensive mods done to it. The sound that was described above was BEFORE the mods were done, so you can only imagine what it sounds like now! The mods consisted of changing 45ea TL072 Dual op amps to the Analog Devices AD823, all the electrolytic capacitors were changed to low ESR Panasonic FC series Caps, the Voltage Rectifiers were changed to Hex Fred units, and the 6eaTubes were changed out to RCA Command Series 5751 Black Plates. The last mod was that all the High Voltage Polyester Coupling capacitors were changed out to Polypropylene caps. BE WARNED! These caps require at least 140 hours of burn in time before the sonics settle in.
TL Audio makes an identical Unit to the Classic 70 called the EQ2.

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Here's the Drawmer Three-Sum Multi-Band Interface. This is an analog multi-band interface which separates your main mix into three adjustable bands for external processing. After processing the three individual bands with external gear, they are then returned to the Three-Sum and combined back into one mix. This mix then goes through an adjustable Peak Limiter, which by the way is one of the best Peak Limiters we have ever experienced.

We use this unit for Multi-Band Compression along with 2ea Bellari RP583 Tube Compressors.
You can learn more about what kind of compression this is and how we use this unit by going to the Multi-Band Compression Page. There are also some comparison recordings between the Drawmer and the Triple-C.

Click here for a great review on the Drawmer 3-Sum.

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Click HERE for the Triple-C Mods!

This is the TC Electronic Triple-C Multi-band Compressor. We no longer use this unit due to incorporation of the Drawmer Three-Sum into the rack. We have left the Triple-C on this page not only because it is a terrific unit, but for the preservation of the setup information.

This unit does a tremendous job in Dynamic Control and bringing out the Frequency Separation thru Spectral Balancing. The Frequency Separation is just truly Unreal. We were using the Behringer DEQ-2496 just for this...but the Triple-C blows it out of the water...NO contest. The 2496 is no longer at the Voodoo Labs. Of course this Triple-C has been modified...all the Op Amps have been socketed and changed to AD823AN, and the caps have been changed to Panasonic FC Series Caps. Unfortunately, there are No Tubes in this unit.

Click here for the Voodoo Labs settings on the Triple-C.

The latest Software Update is v2.02. This can still be downloaded from the TC Electronic web site. Then uploaded into the Triple-C thru its MIDI port using your PC.

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This unit is the Aphex Logic Assisted Expander Gate, Model 622. We use this as a devoted Downward Expander. It's THE most transparent Downward Expander We've had the pleasure to play with. The downward expansion is utterly transparent. It has the most control of any units out there. We tried modifying this unit, but discovered Aphex had it right to begin with, so we replaced the Op Amps back to the Originals. This is the ONLY unit that has not benefited from the Voodoo Touch! Go ahead Aphex!!

VOODOO AUDIO!!Click on dis to make it Big!VOODOO AUDIO!!

Click to hear
Click on dis to hear VOODOO AUDIO!
with W5UDX
At Its Finest!

This is the prized Behringer EX3200 Ultrafex Pro. It uses Dynamic Frequency Correction, Phase Shifting with respect to Delay Times, and Harmonization to give the Audio a natural, lively brilliance in the Mids and Top End, and full, rich, deep Low End. W5UDX came up with a way to modify the Unit from Channel 1 to Channel 2 which basically puts Harmonics in-between Harmonics. The Effect is phenomenal!!
Click Here for the W5UDX EX-3200 VooDoo Mod!

Voodoo Labs has also designed the Super Silky Secret Mod (Triple S Mod) for the EX3200. These mods are just incredible on how Silky Smooth it makes the audio. It's Pure Liquid Voodoo!! It involves changing selected Op Amps, Capacitors, and Rectifiers.
Click HERE for the EX3200 Super Silky Secret Mod!

There's some who have stated that the EX3200 does nothing but add noise to the audio, and that the EQ can be used to add the same effect.
All we can say about that is,
1) These people must be either DEAF, or
2) They had NO Low End in their voice to begin with in order to give the EX3200 something to work with, or
3) Both 1 & 2.
Ohh, and supposedly our Opinions are all based on VOODOO Crap. But wait a minute ...We've heard it said that its not in the way it sounds to the ear, its all in the Quantifiable Data!
Now Aighnt that somethin?

Click on dis to make it Big!
Click to hear
Click on dis to hear Deep, Wet!
the DEPTH of
with WZ5Q!

Here's the Behringer DSP2024P Virtualizer Pro. We have this side-chained to the main audio mix. This is a very powerful unit, but for all its power, there's only such a small part of it used here. We use a variation of Plating that gives the Audio such a subtle Airiness and Depth. It's very transparent and you wouldn't notice it unless an A - B comparison was given. Without it, the Audio is soooo Flat! No mods were done to this unit.....yet!!
Click Here for the W5UDX DSP-2024P Settings.

This unit is also a Toybox full of Fun Goodies!

Click on dis to make it Big!

Click HERE for the MX-882 Mods!

This is the Behringer MX882 Ultralink Pro. This is a mixer/splitter that is devoted to the Transmit Audio. The Left Channel output is used for the TS-950sdx ESSB HF rig, and the Right Channel output for the TS-950sdx Transverter IF rig. The Rack Audio and the Playback Computer Audio are both mixed in this unit. There are allot of extra channels just waiting to be used. This unit has also been extensively modified. All the Op Amps, Capacitors and Rectifiers were changed. It was one of the hardest to modify, as the circuit traces were very fragile on it. Had allot of traces to fix because of them 'lifting' up from the Circuit Board. Tricky Tricky!!

Click on dis to make it Big!

Click HERE for the RX-1602 Mods!

This unit is the Behringer RX1602 Eurorack Pro. This mixer is devoted to the Receive Audio. All the Audio from the Transceivers, the Receivers, and the Computer are mixed in here. The Main Output goes to the Heathkit W4-AM Tube Audio Amps to drive the Big speakers. This unit also has a separate headphone circuit to drive headphones, although a separate Headphone Amp is now used for that. There is also a monitor circuit that is use to send Audio to the Computer for Recording purposes. Yes, this unit also has been extensively modified. The usual Op Amps, Capacitors, and Rectifiers were all changed with phenomenal improvements in Dynamic Range, Clarity, S/N ratio, and Smooooothness!!!

Click on dis to make it Big!

Here's the Furman RR-15Plus Rackrider. This is a power conditioner and really helps in preventing the dreaded RFI...Mr. Ruffy! It has a Voltmeter to monitor your line voltage. It also has some real Cool lights that pull out and shine on yer rack front for that Nighttime Operating!
Unfortunately, this model is discontinued.

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