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    WZ5Q's Studio "X-treme Audio!!"    

Here's some pics of Studio "X" and some of the equipment We use in it.
There's a few pics of the Pro Audio "Rack" equipment,
but you can finds more info on that on the "Rack" page.
Just click the mouse on the pic and it will make it real big.
There's some links to the people that make these things too.

Click on dis to make it Big! This is a pic of Studio "X" and all the equipment we are using now. If you scroll down the page, you´ll see the individual pieces that make it up. The equipment shelves were built around the two computer monitors. This was done to have the computer available for Audio Spectral Analysis and Audio Recording/Playback. The WaveNode WN-2 is used for RF monitoring. The computer is fast becoming an integral part of any Amateur Radio Operator's Station.
Click on dis to make it Big! Here´s another shot of Studio "X". We are also into 144Mc EME (Moonbounce). You can see the M2 Azimuth and Elevation rotor controllers on the shelf. There is also a TX/RX Sequence Control box on top of the SteppIR Control Unit. What you can´t see very well is the W2GN style VHF Amplifier. You can just see the top of the Bud Cabinet underneath the bench top. The RF Deck was a kit that Down East Microwave use to make. It uses 2ea of the 4CX400A which deliver about 1Kw on CW and about 1300 watts on SSB with about 10-15 watts input.
Click on dis to make it Big! This is a pic of Studio "X" during Late Night Voodoo Radio operations.
Gotta LOVE all those BLINKY LIGHTS!!!
Click here to see the Tuna being built! This is the Kenwood TS-950sdx. It is highly Voodoo Modified and devoted to Hi-Fi SSB (or eSSB) and AM on the HF bands, it is also used as a Master Transverter IF for VHF & UHF. We used to operate the TS-850/DSP-100 combo, but this beautiful rig took its place. In a head to head comparison, the audio quality of the modified 950sdx far exceeds the 850 combos. You can see all the mods that were done to this fine rig at the Voodoo-LABS. You can download the complete TS-950sdx Service Manual off the "Manuals" page here.
Click here to see the Tuna being built! Here's our Kenwood TS-2000. This rig is also highly Voodoo Modified and devoted to mostly VHF & UHF work. You can read about all the mods including the Blue Display here at TS-2000 Review & Mods. You can download the complete TS-2000 Service Manual off the "Manuals" page here.
Click on dis to make it Big! This is my Super Massive Tuna which is a Link Coupled Tuner. It's an Inductively Coupled, High Power, true Balanced tuner for use with balanced feed line. It can handle Legal Limit + with no problem. I designed it with Plug-In Inductor Coils and a Slide-Out Shelf for quick band changing. Best of all, It's a Home Brew!! Check out the build and optimization of this Beast here on the Tuna page.
Click on dis to make it Big! Here is our Baby! This is the Alpha 89 HF Amplifier. Just one word describes this machine... SWEET!! It uses 2 of our favorite Triodes, the 3CX800A7. For 30 watts in at 1500 watts out, the pair of 3CX800 tubes are eaten about 40Ma of current.
Click on dis to make it Big! Here's the Drake MN-2700 Tuner. This was bought to match the Drake L-7 Amplifier. We didn't know that it would perform as good as it did. When the L-7 was sold...the tuner stayed here in the Voodoo Studio. It'll tune the proverbial barb wire fence, and it has NEVER groaned, moaned, or arced over. It is Drake Tuff!!
Click on dis to make it Big! Here's a screen shot of the WaveNode WN-2 RF Monitor. This is a very well thought out and executed idea. It is much more than just a wattmeter. It has a whole host of features. You can read about all of them at their web site, Alan is wonderful to deal with, and really knows his product.

Click on dis to make it Big! Here's our 3 element SteppIR Antenna along with it's three 17 element K1FO VHF, 2m companions. One is Vertically Polarized, and the top two are Horizontal with a M2 MT-1000A Elevation Rotor. They are all mounted on a Hazer with a M2 RC2800PX Orion Rotor. The Mast is 2.5" Diameter, 1/4" wall, 1026 DOM Tubing. The first forty feet of the top guys are Phillystran. There are more pics of the Tower, Antennas, and associated equipment if you click on the Antenna Picture.

Click HERE to see more Antenna and Tower Pics!
Click on dis to make it Big! This is the Astron RS-35M Power Supply. This is a linear type supply, not a switching. We've used these for many years at the Voodoo Labs and have never had a problem. They're very well built and output the Current as advertised.
Click on dis to make it Big! Here's the Heathkit W4-AM Williamson-Type 20watt Audio Amplifier. It's been Totally refurbished. We use these to drive Dayton Monitors with the Receiver Audio from the Receive Mixer. This Audio literally Rattles Walls!! Ya can read more about it at
Click on dis to make it Big! This is another of our prized possessions. It is the TSM Muneo microphone. It has a HUGE 38mm Diaphragm Condenser Mic with 2ea High Plate Voltage tubes in it. This mic is just plain unbelievable in the way it recreates the sound of your voice. We've never had another mic that has awe struck us like this one has. We owe the possession of this Rare Jewel to our Voodoo Counterpart in Sweden, Peter - SM5HUA. He's the one that discovered this mic. He liked it so well, he sold his Neumann M-147 not even a week after buying this one! Thanks Peter!!

For more Muneo Pics, click HERE.
Click on dis to make it Big! Here's our Headphones. They are the Sennheiser HD-600. These dudes are just purely unbelievable. You hear things with these cans that you have never heard with any other pairs. The only down side with using these...they are "open" style headphones. This means if you have your monitor up too loud, and you turn yer head....OUCH!! Feedback right in the ear. It definitely teaches you "Mic Technique"!! We're also using the Cardas Cable designed specifically for these headphones. The Sonic difference was just unreal from this single improvement...truley unbelievable.
Click on dis to make it Big! This is the Headphone Amp. It's a Woo Audio WA-3. This amp is incredible!! It's the most inexpensive tube amp we found, with the Quality and Sonic characteristics of amps more then twice its cost. There are also mods available to further improve its sound. The tubes were rolled in this amp of course. We used 6DJ8 Amperex PQ Holland tubes for drivers, and a Cetron 7236 Final. You can see all the mods for this unit here at Head-Fi Woo3 Modified.

Click on dis to make it Big! This is our "Rack". There are allot of components in here to message the Audio in all the right directions. We are Harmonics Advocates. You here them in real life...Why not have them in your Audio? There's a big difference of opinion about this, but hey...Make it sound the way you want. Period.
Go to The "Rack" page.
Click on dis to make it Big! Here's the Tektronix 2712 Spectrum Analyzer. It's a 1.8Ghz, 4 Trace, Analog + Digital Spec An. We've never had anything that comes close to the accuracy and flexibility that this unit has. It's used mostly to check the spectral purity of the transceivers Transmitted signals after any modifications. It has such a range of other functions as well...We couldn't do without it. This is one of those devices that make you wonder how you functioned with out it!!
Click on dis to make it Big! This is the Tektronix 2465 Analog Oscilloscope. It's a 300Mc, 4 Channel Scope. We think this is the last totally Analog unit that Tektronix made. Most of all the rest are Digital now. This unit is the best scope We've ever had here at the Voodoo-LABS. It's saved us countless hours of troubleshooting. All in all, it is the best Analog Scope out there.

Tektronix 2465 Specs
Click on dis to make it Big! Here's the Wavetek 3010 Signal Generator. It has a range of 1Mc to 1Ghz with either an AM or FM output, adjustable from +13 to -137dbm. This rascal comes in very handy for measurements and also for alignments.

Click on dis to make it Big! This is the Anritsu MS616B Modulation Analyzer. It's range is from 150kc to 3Gc and will measure AM & FM Modulation waveforms. It gives data via both analog and digital meters. It has a super low distortion Audio Monitor for AM. We are using this unit for the high performance low level modulation R&D for the TS-950sdx.

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