Late arrival, has the boat already sailed?

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Late arrival, has the boat already sailed?

Post by M0ROK »

Greetings from M0ROK, Martin, SE UK.
I have recently spent some time reading/listening and watching all kinds of info regarding Voodoo audio. However having arrived at this forum lots of the threads appear to be quite old, almost as if the journey I have started to embark upon is already over.
However, I am not alone on my journey there are a small group of us here in the UK starting to improve our audio using many of the ESSB techniques and audio rack gear, and lots of info gleaned off the internet by many of the people who were here (are you still here or moved on to other things?).
I should state that we are not YET Kenwood owners, though a few of us will be changing to the dark side when funds allow because the wide tx/rx audio is so appealing, so much so that despite having Yaesus (please do not laugh) with 4K tx capabilities we are wroking on our audio racks knowing that our audio is now better than the manufacturer of our radios intened. Heck, all we learn with 4K will eventually help when some of do manage to go wider.
Those of us just begining can often be found on 28.520 messing about with our settings, having fun and experimenting with our audio. Sometime we improve it, some times not, more nots that improvements but that is the fun of experimentation.

My current setup (well some of it set up, some waiting to be added into the chain) is The cheap stuff):

B-1 mic
Mic 2200
Intelligate 2000
EX3200 (waiting for the parts to violate it)
FX 3D 2000 virtualizer

Yaesu FTDX-5000MP
Acom 1010 amp
Ciro baby loop 40-10 metres

Are there any regular ESSB nets still running, where those of us starting on this journey would be welcomed?

Would anyone know which of the newer radios on the market are truly ESSB capable without much modification to the radio?

Thanks for any input
73 de M0ROK

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Post by PD9CN »

Hi Martin M0ROK,

Nice to now there is group in UK working around whit there audio.
I will try to make a contact at 28.250 if the conditions let me do this :lol:

The new radio for Voodoo Essb I think you have to think about the SDR radios like Flex you can go up to 10Khz TX and RX :roll:

73, Cor PD9CN

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kenwood ts-850s with dsp-100 fully modded

Post by skullman »

hi jon here if your looking for a good starter setup ive got a ts-850s with dsp-100 fully modded and ready to go just refreshed by mike wz5q if intered let me know email is thx
may you always have what you want but never want for anything,does that make sence???

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