Kenwood TS-990 / TS-890

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Kenwood TS-990 / TS-890

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Greetings voodoo friends. years that I did not post anything here, so after 3 years with my TS-990 I'm going to throw away my ideas, my kenwood ts-990 goes from 10 to 4800Hz with external process and entering through fiber optics, and it gives a very clean goodbye , even better than the 950sdx, although the latter goes up to 6.7khz, now with the new audio techniques via software the game changes, and better results are achieved, any more with a ts-990/890 around here? ts-990 ts-890. regards


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Re: Kenwood TS-990 / TS-890

Post by IV3DET »

I tried to do my best with IC7800 but with big limits.
Can you let me know some of your setups?

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