icom 7300 with external audio

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icom 7300 with external audio

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hi i have some external audio and was wondering if anyone has some basic setting to get me going.
i am using ultragain pro2200.tc electronic triple c.virtulizer pro dsp 2024p.ultracurve pro deq 2496.ultrafex pro ex3200.just some basic settings to get me on the right path.many thanks

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Re: icom 7300 with external audio

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Hi Jon,

There is lots off info here about basic settings.
If you go to google en type in voodoo setup or settings you will find something like this and many more.


I now that is not easy to get al in good directions.
But you need to test test an test and test yes this voodoo hobby takes many many hours off adjusting and testing.
And Then you will learn to set it in the right directions :rolleyes:

Any questions and help and info you find here :idea:

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