Listening to your transmit audio.

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Listening to your transmit audio.

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Hiya all,

I have a question related to Transceivers in general, is there a way where you monitor your transmit audio in high detail in order to make those subtle changes . Although the AUDIO quality of the FLEX5000 is good, its is not a patch on listeninG to the voodoo guru when he's demonstration his rack peices.

He states in his video that he's taken the audio from the transmit monitor from the radio and it plugs it straight in to the sound card on the computer.

Why does mine not sound so detailed ?



directly to you radio like

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Howdy Glenn,

There could be allot of reasons for this, too many in fact to actually answer your question fully.
Unfortunately, we have never had a flex 5k here for comparison testing so we do not know how the TX Monitor is designed, where it takes its sample from, or how it performs compared to the modified TS-950sdx TX Monitor.
The TX Monitor in the recording is from a modified TS-950sdx which uses its sub-receiver to sample the actual Transmitted audio just before the Power Amplifier. It is a true Transmit Monitor.
Also the sound card on the computer was modified for lower Signal to Noise ratio and better fidelity.
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