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Audio Advice....

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As we continue to strive for better / improved SSB sound, we often try to learn new "tricks of da trade"--there are MANY. In many instances we will encounter stations requiring assistance in setting their sound for better / improved audio, and will do so over on the airwaves.

There is nothing incorrect or unjust about such a practice--we're ALL eager to hear the compliment(s), of course more so over the critisism(s). After listening heavily to stations over the past several months "twisting knobs and pushing buttons" I've clearly noticed the majority do not follow the simplest of guidelines.

Here are a couple I found and are helpful if ultilized....

1. When another station is assisting you in setting up your audio over the air, make it a habit to monitor yourself with the transceiver you are using. This provides a better understanding to what is being done and a direct comparison can be attained when you make further adjustments [off the air] using the same monitor.

2. When altering parameters of any processor after a transmission, use the same passage used prior to the change instead of, "...Okay, how does this sound??..." It's difficult to detect changes, especially minor ones, with such a short passage [or transmission]. A suggestion is to count to 5 and then back to 1. Or better yet, use a combination of passages, just make sure it's the same as the one(s) prior to any changes made.

3. There are passages which many use to provide execution of all possible syllable and complete vocal frequency range. Nothing incorrect with this, it's a necessity to find the "range" of the source, transceiver and /or even equipment. Whether it be....

---The Brown Fox....
---The Blue Boom...
---The Lazy Dog....
---The Sly Fox and The Sterling Silver....
---The Number Line
---[or my favorite for years] Simply, 16, 17, 18, 19, 61, 63, 67, 69.

...They all work, no matter, for DX, stock, Lo-Fi, Hi-Fi and the INFAMOUS VOOOODOOOO Audio!!! :twisted:

4. Remember, there is a COMPROMISE which will be made once the floor is open to comments and more so when the help of another is incurred. Those evil little words, " does my audio sound??..." can make or break your hard work. Be content and satisfied with YOUR sound. Anyone who says they're happy if the "other guy listening" is happy, is LOST. Opinions are many and I will AGAIN say those opinions are heavily INFLUENCED by the listeners PREFERENCE for audio.....BEWARE!! :evil:

**I'm sure there is more many of can share and I'd be glad to see it posted. If not, at least put these practices to use. Good Luck**

----Okay, enough chat...I'm gonna go do CW....C U all latr----- 8)

OZman, N2QN

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Good Read Ozzman!

Our favorite is of course......

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