Voodoo Gear on FM VHF

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Ray Kara
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Voodoo Gear on FM VHF

Post by Ray Kara »

Finally setup the rack gear to a Icom IC-V8000 2 meter FM radio .
I have been getting good reports on the setup.
Anyone doing the same ?
Any suggestion on a better radio choice for 2 meter FM .
I have a Kenwood TS-950VMSDX for the HF stuff.


Voodoo Voodude
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Post by Voodoo Voodude »

Hi Ray,

Well this 'aint exactly full on voodoo but I run the following on 2m FM:
Icom IC-746
Heil Goldline HC5 (using the wide studio element)
W2IHY 8 Band EQ & Noise Gate

I get unsolicited good audio reports. I of course run as wide as possible so no narrow filters swithed on. I EQ'ued to reproduce my voice as natural and smooth as possible and only use the EQ Plus for a very slight touch of effects processing to give the audio that nice spatial sound.
I incidently use this set up (different settings of course) also on a Yaesu FT-1000MP so I make better use of the EQ Plus's features 8)

Good luck with the FM'ing :)


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