Looking for Kenwood TS870 Rx TX board X57-4620

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Looking for Kenwood TS870 Rx TX board X57-4620

Post by vu3esv » Thu Nov 08, 2018 8:33 am

Hello All,

Greetings from India,

I have a Kenwood TS870 with audio issues, this happened after txing for more than 5 min to a dummy load. Input audio was fed to the ACC2 (with C131 mod) from a Focusrite Solo. Audio Amp LA4420 in the RxTX board was heating too much and the audio was distorted. After replacing the LA4410, the radio starts working but if I increase the volume above 2 (9'0 clock position) the audio is getting very much distorted. Since I couldn't fix the board , now I am searching for a replacement for the RxTX board.

I have learned that the the Voodooo group is dealing with rigs like TS870 and TS 950 SDX, I request your help to get a Rx TX board for my 870.

Thanks and Regards

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Re: Looking for Kenwood TS870 Rx TX board X57-4620

Post by PD9CN » Tue Nov 27, 2018 1:35 pm

Hi Vinod VU3ESV,

You can buy complte Kenwood TS-870 on one off second hand site.
In good working condition.

https://www.tweedehands.nl/zendamateur/ ... 11779.html

73, Cor PD9CN

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