Flat proofing the TX

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Flat proofing the TX

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I would want to determine how flat the transmitter of my TS870S is and to that end a friend of mine has promised to lend me a Tektronix arbitrary waveform generator. That way I can generate different audio tones that are consistent and identical in their amplitude and I am considering feeding the rig with those constant amplitude tones (from say 50Hz to 6 kHz) through the ACC2 socket on back panel of the rig. This will allow me to cut out any variables on which I have no control such as playing those those over a loud-speaker using my lap-tops sound-card as the frequency characteristics of the loudspeaker and my lap-top's sound-card will most skew the results.

With the above in mind, what would be the most reliably and accurate way to observe the output of my transmitter to gage how constant the different tones are? Should I use a scope? Where do I get the audio out to measure and/or analyze? Using the IF out of the rig (in that case, I would probably need some kind of "dongle" to be able to actually demodulate and separate the AF from the IF. Or, would I just use the MONITOR out of the rig, feed the audio from there into lap-top and look at the audio using a software based analyzer?

I sure would appreciate your feedback on this.

The more accurate a "base-line" I am able to establish and see how flat the output is the easier it is then to be creative and use my Behringer audio processing gear to mould, contour and shape my audio into something that I will like.

Would sure welcome your suggestions!!

73 de JJ

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Howdy JJ,

NU9N, John has a terrific tutorial on how to do exactly what you are trying to accomplish.

Check it out...


Have Fun!
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