What are you listening to?

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What are you listening to?

Post by sh450 »

Hey all.
I'm getting ready to invest in some new equipment for my receive audio.
So I was wondering what others have set up to listen to the VOODOO.
If anyone feels like sharing their set up here, I'm all ears... or eyes I guess it would be.

In the past I've had more trouble keeping RFI out of my receive audio components than the transmit components.

Thanks in advance.
Alright... How does this sound?

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Post by !KANT »

I pretty much just use a simple stereo receiver and Bose 301 Series IV. I purchased a Crest Audio LA-601 Power Amplifier, but found a greater use for it to drive the rear speakers for the HDHT multi-amp setup. 90%of the time, I just use my [adored] Sony MDR-7506's for Hammy Radio... :wink:

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