EX-3200 Question

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EX-3200 Question

Post by Bow »

Its been a long time since I ESSB'd...

Howdy Y'all,

I am finally getting my setup setup again after 2 moves across the country.

I got my rack fired up, an I've been re-tweaking my setups, but I noticed something with my EX-3200 (with the W5UDX tweak)..

On Channel 2, the Meter is about 80% lit up... it still fluctuates the last 2 LEDs on the Voice peaks, but the rest are lit up all the time... no matter where the NR Sensitivity is set...

has anyone else noticed this?

Thanks and...its good to be back with the Screaming 3.3kHz 718!

Quite possibilly the only 3.3 Khz wide Icom IC-718 in the world...

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