HHB Classic 70 Mods

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HHB Classic 70 Mods

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This forum and Voodoo Labs has been a wealth of useful info concerning mods and other tips and tricks. Thanks to all who contribute.

I hoping someone can help with mods on the HHB Classic 70 as I see many of you are using it modified. I've seen the mod instructions for the Radius 20 on the Voodoo site and I'm wondering if I would just follow the same basic instructions for the Classic 70 or if there are some significant differences. I've also seen the sum-up of mods for the Classic 70 on the Studio "X" rack page but was looking for a bit more detail.

The Classic 70 has socketed opamps so that makes it easy to change to the AD823's. There are, however, two 16 pin chips on the board. Do they stay?

There is also a small 3"x3" vertical board at the back of the unit with two opamp chips in it--is this in the audio chain? Should they be changed?

On the Radius 20, an extra filter cap had to be installed to manage oscillation. Is anything like this necessary on the Classic 70?

Many thanks!!

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