TS-850 firmware image?

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TS-850 firmware image?

Post by BillPaul »

I'm working on a project involving the firmware on the Kenwood TS-850. I would like to make sure that I have the latest version. From what I can tell, the most recent releases have a sticker on them with a version string of JEZB. However, my radio, which has a 31 million serial number, has a different sticker on its firmware chip that doesn't seem to have the same sort of version string. This makes me wonder if maybe I'm a little behind.

I'm wondering if anyone here has a TS-850 with the JEZB chip handy and also has an EPROM programmer/reader. If so, could I convince you to dump the contents and send me a copy? :) (There isn't any soldering required and it won't hurt the radio.) Alternatively, can someone with a TS-850 who has this chip check the checksum for me? You can find the checksum as follows:

- Start with the radio off
- Press and hold the SCAN key and the TX M.CH key together
- While holding the keys, turn the radio on
. The extended service menu should appear and display the firmware checksum
- When done, press the CLR key to exit the extended service menu

The checksum is displayed as a 4 digit hexadecimal value. On my radio, it says: 6B4B. If you have the JEZB firmware chip and it reports the same number, then I just need to know that. (This would confirm that I have the right firmware and don't need a newer version.)If it says something different, then I may need to go hunting for a newer chip.

-Bill, N1GPT

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Post by PU2OYL »

Hello Bill,

I know its an old post but...

2758 is the checksum for firmware JBL1
6B4B is the checksum for firmware JBL3
2DAF is the checksum for firmware JEZA (AM modified)

I have the IMG for JBL3 is needed, but JEZA is newer.

Thank you!

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