ft920 modulation thru balance modulator

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ft920 modulation thru balance modulator

Post by JAMES SOTO »

:shock: hello. i would like to know if anyone here know how to feet the ft920 direct thru the balance modulator.
thanks de kp2bh jimmy :cry:

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Post by !KANT »

Sorry Jimmy, I haven't heard of anyone [that I can recall] that has performed the procedure. I've only heard of a mod through the secret menu of the FT-920 [which I believe is the same as the FT-1000MP]. I'll have to tap some sources to be sure.... :?

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Post by Voodoo Guru »

We've never had one to play with.
It shouldn't be to difficult though. If you don't find an answer, We could download the Service Manual and look at the schematic.
Most of the Balanced Modulator Mods are all basically the same.
You inject the Line Level Audio into the input of the Balanced Modulator IC thru a Capacitor.
This of course bypasses all the Frequency restrictive Microphone amplifiers in the rig.
Let us know if you don't find any information.
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Post by w4bni »

I read the previous query on the balanced modulator mod on the ft-920 did any one have any luck with this process? i have one i need to do but wanted to know if any one had any results after the mod....thanks w4bni

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Post by eugene »

has anyone do this mod yet.

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