Service Menu Access HELP

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Service Menu Access HELP

Post by Ka1cde »

I want to adjust the "S" meter in my Kenwood 950 sdx, how do I access the service menu to adjust this ?

What is the service number in the menu to adjust the S meter ?

Does anyone have a listing of the service menu items ?

Thanks for any help.


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Post by M0AOV »

Not sure myself but have a look at the link

it could be in there.

Anyone else know?


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Howdy Pat,
The information you seek is Step #8 on page 195 of the TS-950SDX Service Manual. You must have a Signal Generator to accomplish this procedure.
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Post by astro »

here you go you do this at you own risk

I did manage to find some very useful information regarding the SERVICE MODE for the TS-590S. The service mode menu was borrowed from the TS-570S. The 570 used the plug 13 I suggest you make up the connector from the pack of plugs you received with your 590. The jumper is from PIN8 ~ PIN 9. These two pins should be shorted together. Now simply plug the connector into the ACC2 din slot and prepare to turn "on" the radio. With two fingers, push the [MIC] and the [NR] buttons while you turn on the radio. The number MENU "88" should appear in the "memory" position on the main screen. When the number appears, you may remove the adjustment jig (I do not). Now select the adjustment Menu Mode using the [MULTI/CH] knob. You may change any adjustment data, but keep in mind it will not be active till you write the data and press the [CLR] to enter the VFO mode.
Changing the data is done using the [M.IN] button or the [SCAN] button. You may also use the "hand mic" [UP] or [DN] keys. This sometimes makes things a bit easier, but the buttons on the face of the radio work just as well. To write your adjustments, you simply scroll to MENU "60" and use the [MIC] key as explained above, to (good) the changes. To cancel the adjustment menu, hit the [CLR] key. If you turn off the radio the "write" mode is also cancelled, so you really don't have much to worry about. However keep in mind that you should keep a cheat sheet. That way you will know if your adjustments helped or hindered the radio operation. There is a PDF file that will help explain the menu. You can download that file from this website.
Note that with the "jig" in place you cannot transmit, so "turn off the radio" and remove the plug. Now turn the radio "ON".
There is also an XLS file that goes into the menu as well. I will try to find that file and place it on the site for your review. Never-the-less, if you want to play with the radio service menu, the information I gathered here will be helpful.
One thing to note...after you enter new data and set [CLR] to write the information you will receive a "good" for your effort. I mean the menu will read as "good", like "good job" or "good for you" or "good luck". You make the call because I fear that you may be playing with fire. Always keep notes..

good luck from the rockies [img]

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Post by BillPaul »

astro: Your instructions appear to be for the TS-590S (five ninety). Pat was asking about the TS-950SDX (nine-fifty).

-Bill, N1GPT

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