kenwood ts-950sdx

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kenwood ts-950sdx

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Is it possible to send TX audio into the 13 pin DIN connector (ACC2) on the rear of the kenwood ts-950sdx or need to do the c131 mod for the
Low Frequencies


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Howdy Salem,
Welcome to the Forum!!

Yes, you can input Line Level Audio into the ACC2 Connector but it will roll off your Low Frequencies due to several low value (.1uf) coupling capacitors. The C131 Mod for the TS-870 only changes one capacitor as that is all there is. You will have to change out 2 capacitors on the TS-950sdx to accomplish the same thing.

You can install electrolytic caps, but we don't recommend them. The best thing to install would be replacement XR7 Ceramic Chip caps in a 805 case in a 1uf value.

The caps to change would be C154 & C158 on the IF Unit. Change these to 1uf.

There is also another one, C161 that is a 1uf, you might want to change this capacitor to a 4.7uf if you think you are not passing enough lows. But in our opinion changing C154 & C158 should be enough.

Here are some pictures of the capacitors on the IF Unit:



We haven't done this mod here, so there is no test data to tell you how much more Low Frequency you will get. It should be quite allot more.

Hope this helps, let us all know how it works out for ya!
Take Care,
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