Deq 2496 - no output?

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Deq 2496 - no output?

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Hi all,

I'm a neophyte eSSB guy and am in the process of building the audio portion of my station. Over the last few weeks I have been purchasing equipment and trying to get things setup. Everything was working fine until I installed the DEq 2496. My current setup is connected in this order.

Heil PR781 mic -> ART Pro MPA II preamp -> Behringer DEQ2496 -> Mackie mixer -> Flex 6500

The newest piece of gear is the DEC2496 and where my problem is. The problem is that I can't seem to get any audio from it with any of the modules turned on or off. If I put it in bypass all mode, my audio chain works fine. I bought the unit on ebay and it powers on, all the menus, metering and everything looks good. I don't know if it is a problem with the unit or if I'm doing something wrong.

I have searched the internet and can't find any reference to this sort of issue. I didn't know where else to ask so I'm hoping someone here can be of assistance. Thanks.


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You could set the RTA to the input and see what your levels are coming in if any at all. On the utilities page I would double check to see if the gain is turned all the way down, its been a minute since going through my 2496 but some of the settings takes a little bit to get used to. I would also bypass different sections to see if one section is the roadblock for your audio. Problems that I know of with the 2496 is the seating of the ribbon cable from the main board to the rear panel. The other one is the main board shorting from contact with the case ( elctrical tape to isolate it normally fixes that). And the last is power supply issues. Good luck

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