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New to This Forum

Post by Screwball »

Hi All,
My first time in joining this forum, and I would so luv to be able to transmit Voodoo Sound with my FT 1000D.

I have the following (Just begun)
a.) MIC 2200
b.) MDX 2600.
c.) EX 2200
d.) Behringer C1 Microphone
c.) Alesis MNixer.
Currently I use the above rack, but need some help with the best way to set up the Audio Chain.
I now have the Micro phone go into the MIC 2200 = CHan 1.
Then to the MDX 2600 Left Chan.
Next out from MDX left chan to right chain of the MIC 2200.
Then Out of MDX 2600 to the ES 2200 in left and right. (un-balanced.)
Now out of the EX 2200 left and right Chan left and right to the Mixer.

After all of this, I still do not get anywhere near Voodoo, like the rest of the world have been able to achieve.


I also have a Behringer T1952 and T 1952, plus a MIC 200 - which is not in use yet !!! I first want to go Voodoo ..

73 From a cold and wet South Africa.

From -- Screwball.

Please please please help and let me also sound good.javascript:emoticon(':roll:')javascript:emoticon(':twisted:')

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Post by ECC82 »

Hi Screwball and welcome to the world of ESSB.
Maybe this website can help you further?


>> Livin' la VooDoo Loca <<

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Post by Screwball »

Hi Chris,

Many thanks for the mail .... I have visited the site previously and have noted some of the mods that been recommended, but these are way over my head, and then i discovered this site .... Since then i have been through the posts and just reading and reading >>>> but i thought its worth a try >>> wjo knows there might be some old age Ham like me still around a dn we mighjt just be able to share our experiences hi hi.

But thanks for the reply at least I know my mail had been seen byt some one on the WWW net hi
Hope to work you on the band someday when they all improve.

73 to all out there.
Errol (south Africa)

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Need help with my wiring

Post by DG1YDJ »

Hello ,
I´am new in this forum and read all the post´s of wiring but not found the right wiring for my equipment .
May there in someone to help me.

SSB Radio Ic-7700

Behringer Denoiser SNR2000
Behringer Ultra Voice II VX-2000
Behringer Ultrafex Prosessor EX-3100
dbx Equilizer
Microphone T-Bone SC-450

I hope there is someone to help me with the wiring .

Best regards from Germany Joerg DG1YDJ

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Post by kg6pqq »

Not an expert by any means but thought I'd share my experience. From various post and sites, the order that seems to work out for me is this
1-Mic Pre amp
2-Noise Gate
5-Psychoacoustic (EX3200 your case EX2200)
6-Multiband Compressor

What helps on some equipment is those that have independent left and right channels so we can insert the signals at different stages in the rack. I'm not familiar with your rack pieces but if you can fit your function in those category then you got something. Rack order is just piece of the puzzle, individual settings is where the money is at. Don't think you can get it right within 5 minutes, expect hours and hours of adjusting. Some of the settings you see posted are good starting points.

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