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Audio Gear

Posted: Tue Apr 21, 2015 4:59 am
I started collecting some audio gear and I am not to sure what else
I should add to my rack and was wondering what your suggestions would be and
the order I should hock all this stuff up in my rack.
I have the following

TS-850Sat and DSP-100 that needs to be mods done.

ART PB-4x4 Power Conditioner

MIC2200, XR-4400, FX-2000, HA-4700, DSP-1124P

I also have 10 Edcor WSM10K/10K audio transformers I like to put in-between
each audio peace but not sure if I should use XLR or TRS connectors and put the transformers in some kind of box?

Also I was wondering if anyone knows were I can find the Jensen Transformer Model: JT-10KB-D
I Emailed Jensen already but they never got back to me and the Edcor transformers are to big and will not fit inside the Kenwood DSP-100