Basic minimal start up

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Basic minimal start up

Post by kb2whb »

what to get int the voodoo hobby but don't want to go low end .. just want the basic components and then add don't want to buy and sell just to get me started I have a yeasu ftdx1200 ..... Thanks :D

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Post by vinster100 »

I'm curious to see an answer to this question as well. However it seems that these forums are virtually dead so I'm looking for a new place to find out information.

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Hi Guy's

The basic gear I've seen and got from what other members have been talking about are:-

Behringer MIC 2200
Behringer MDX 2200
Behringer DSP 1124P
Behringer EX 3200
Behringer XENYX 802

Then to a iBox to what ever radio you are using, there are other equipment out there that do the same as the ones above so you have to look around your location and see what you can pickup, you can always add more equipment to get better sound which I have a DEQ2496 I'm just sorting getting that in my rack but what I have above works very well on my FT2000 at 4k and how I have the above equipment setup is on my website

Hope this info might help you.

Not sure if you've done the 4k on your FT1200 but here you gojust incase

Also info here for the FT1200


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Where to start ?

Post by audioray12 »

Greetings and welcome in your search for audio gear for ESSB.
Your question is for suggestion for " basic gear".
I believe your rig is limited on TX bandwidth of 4kc so no need to spend $$$$ on audio gear.A very important thing to understand is you must be able to rely on clarity and accuracy of your over the air transmissions.
With only the mentioned radio you will have to trust the monitor of your rig.

3 choices to consider
1st all separate rack gear ; mic pre,compressor eq,mixer, $$$$
2nd channel strip All in one $$$
3rd. W2ihy modular , mic pre, compressor,eq, ibox $$$

Any good quality dynamic microhone. $$
Check out he makes a complete starter kit!
Many of us including myself ,started with this basic turn key system

I certainly can help you spend much more money if you ask me.

The best advice I can give you is you must learn to listen to your over the air voice and achieve the highest clarity.
Clarity of your voice should be your goals to set.
Don't try to sound like anyone else but yourself.

A computer with a good program such as Adobe or Spectra plus are important to record ,analys and archive your progress.

Don't forget a dummy load, he will be your friend for 100's of hours of tweaking.

When you get started consider sending me a audio clip of your rig recording.

If interested it always helped me to have a audio clip as a standard.
With these clips I used them as reference.
Just ask i can send them to you.

I don't have the massive low voice often heard as voodoo audio.
I have the regular Joe voice.But when done correctly clarity always wins !

Voodoo 12

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