thankyou every one

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thankyou every one

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hi every one i would just like to say thank you all very much for helping me and to understanding how it all works there is a lot more info now on the net and forum its a great thing to get in to essb audio is the best ever i will never go back to that shit audio sound again as long as i am a live essb audio is the way to go you can make a £100.00 radio sound like a £10.000 radio and better when you get bite by essb audio you know you have .

thank you all so much god bless and take care to all my friends around the world essb audio over overrrrrrrrrrrrrr

daz m3zdz

essb audio uk :supz:

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Howdy Daz,
We're so glad that the forum helped you find the sound your looking for!!
The sole purpose of this forum was to record information on the search for that specific Sonic Sound and mainly to help others find there's.
Take Care,
Voodoo Guru
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