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Hookin up those Audio Boxes without gettin yourself Perplexed.
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Newbe Newbe

Post by kt7e »

Hello Audio Heads,

While waiting for my SDX to be violated by Mr. VOODOO himself, I've tried to scrounge up additional audio equipment without totally breaking the bank. I've been able to assemble:
1. MXL-V69 Morgami Eddition
2. The Furman M8-dx conditioner
3. Ultragain Pro MIC2200 pre-amp
4. Ultra-Curve Pro DEQ 2496 processor
5. Alesis 3632 Compressor
6. W2IHY Converter Box

After the VMSDX comes back (it's like my left foots missing while it's gone hihi) I do promise to ask "What does this sound like now?" But man, where do you start?

This forum is so educational. I look forward each day copying the mail and just listening to great audio.


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Howdy Jbat,
Welcome to the Forum!!
Very Glad to have you here.

Your Audio List looks very nice for starting out into the Voodoo World!
The only thing that you would not need is the W2IHY I-Box. The VMSDX has a high end Jenson Isolation Transformer built in as part of the modifications. It looks like the Alesis has an Output Gain control, but If you think you need some sort of Level Control (attenuator) between the rack and the VMSDX, then you might want to find a mixer to use for that function instead of the I-Box.

Take Care,
Voodoo Guru
From Deep in the IDD of the Sub-Harmonix Realm

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