Advice needed!!

Hookin up those Audio Boxes without gettin yourself Perplexed.
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Advice needed!!

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I've been reading on this forum with great interest.

Ever since I updated my shack with a Yaesu FT-950 I been looking into external audio enhancement and the technology behind it all. I realise the FT-950 has a built-in EQ and I have cracked that Ok with my Yaesu MD200 mike - get good reports, but I'm sure I could do more.

Slowly, I've been reviewing websites and their advice - but I only found yours today!! Equipment seems to vary from one Op to another, but the biggest mystery was what to connect to what and inputs to outputs, etc. Thankfully, your website goes a hell of a long way in unraveling these mysteries!

Being an old-timer, I am seeking your advice.

I have (wrongly or rightly) purchased the following:

Behringer XENYX X1204USB
Behringer Shark DSP 110
Behringer Composer Pro MDX 2200

As for mics I have the Yaesu MD200, ISK CM-55 (Heil 'clone' 300 ohm dynamic), and a Heil PR-781 on the way. I also have an iBOX from W2IHY and cables on the way.

Question is, will be above Behringer equipment be sufficient to provide better audio, or are there additional pieces of equipment I should consider? In other words, can I successfully utilise what I have? If so, I'm unsure how to hook-up each component and exactly what cables to use (i.e.: XLR to TRS, XLR to XLR, and balanced or unbalanced connections??). I can dissemble a rig, repair it and put it together again, but when it comes to audio I'm a real dunce! I also believe I can enhance audio on my speakers in my shack and probably do other things on my PC.

Any advice you can offer would be very gratefully received!!

Best 73,


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Howdy Pete,
Welcome to the Forum!!
I hope you can find all the information you want here.

Unfortunately, We are not at all familiar with the XENYX or the SHARK equipment you listed to offer any info as to their performance or connection.

Out of the Mics Listed, the PR781 will probably give you the best performance for fidelity.

As far as interconnection of the rack components, Balanced XLR is always the preferred method with Balanced TRS the next best. Always try to stick with a balanced connection when possible.

Anyone else out there have any dealings with the Berry XENYX or the SHARK equipment?

Take Care,
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