Kenwood K(DS-P100)?!

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Kenwood K(DS-P100)?!

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Hi y'all AudioHeads an VooDoo Gurus!

I understand that in order for the TS850S to really live up to its capacity of producing some really sweet audio the Kenwood DSP100 is needed. Now, I just ran across a Kenwood KDS-P100 which is a brand new product and is not at all the same as the DSP100. Slick piece of advertising perhaps but when I first saw this item on eBay my brain selectively indicated that this is the Kenwood DSP100 although it is not. Anybody knows how this item might compare to the DSP100 (which I assume has been discontinued)? ... 1e7da04bf9

73 de JJ

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Post by Dave457 »

It's just a reverb unit, like the Behringer 2024p

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