need some help putting it all together

Hookin up those Audio Boxes without gettin yourself Perplexed.
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need some help putting it all together

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first rig is a yaesu ft920
second rig is a kenwood ts870s
microphones- behringer t-47 tube
red five studio mic
rack equipment- behringer shark dsp 110
behringer ultra q pro 2200
behringer composer pro-xl mdx2600
behringer foot pedal
sony atrac dsp trype-r/atrac3 mini disc recorder

need help putting it all together what goes first and what comes last? I have tried it on the 920 and tried it on the 870 cant seem to get the sound that im looking for is there something missing from the above list? ive been using the kenwood ts870 with all the above for my voodoo audio

Thanks, Eugene.

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