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New to the game

Post by muzzle_blast »

I'm new to the game of audio. I am tired of being a plug the mic in and go type :lol:

I have aquired a DBX 215 Dual Equalizer and a DBX 266 Dual Compressor/Gate. I'm looking to set these up here in the very near future. I have an Icom 736 and a Yaesu 902 DM that I want to run off of these. I am getting ready to purchase a Heil HM-12 for the Yaesu and I currently have a Heil ICm for the Icom. My question is, how do I get this party started? Do I have enough equipment as it sits or do I need to purchase something else? Eventually, when funds allow, I am going to set up a new rig with the VooDoo Experience, but as for now, I just want to get going.

Any help in this venture would be appreciated!

Thanks in Advance!

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Howdy muzzle_blast,

1st off, welcome to the forum!
Were glad you are here and hope that you find all the information on this site helpful in some way or another.

We're not that familiar with the FT-901 or the Icom 736 as far as TX bandwidth, frequency roll off, or TX monitoring capability, but you should be able to get some decent audio out of those to start out with.

The Heil HM-12 looks like it rolls off the low frequencies at 80cps so you might want to consider getting a different microphone for future use. It should play just fine with the FT-901 as most rigs of that era tended to roll off the low frequencies in the TX bandpass anyway.

In order to use the DBX equipment or any other rack type of audio equipment for that matter, you will need a mic preamp to bring the mic audio up to line level audio for the units to work correctly. Then you will need something to bring the line audio back down to mic level at the other end in order to inject it into the front mic jack of the radio. This would be something like the W2IHY I-box or something similar.

All of this is discussed several times over throughout the forum, so the best thing to do would be to research, research, research, then if you do not find the answers your looking for, or need some clarification, then feel free to post the questions!

Take Care and have fun!
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