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Gentlemen, Ladies, & Audiophiles

Post by gregor49 »

I have an Icom 756PRO and a also lucky enough to own a Kenwood TS-480. My setup is as follows:

Rode Procaster(love this mic)
Peavey Mixer

The kenwood max TX bandwidth is 2.4KHz, and the 756PRO is supposed to be 3.6KHz(which i dont believe), - anyway my question is - if the processor on the kenwood adds to the already 2.4KHz, should it be wider than the 756PRO. I cant find any info on that. I have had great audio reports on both. I get clarity reports on the kenwood, and bassy flat reports on the Icom. But i know that neither are true eSSB(should be 4KHz+), but i do have very nice modulation.

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Post by EeZee »

I'm sure the Icom Pro series have a bandpass of 2.8kHz (100Hz - 2.9kHz) so you may be a little limited in that respect, but you should still be able to improve things?

You could feed the audio into the rear acc socket which should prevent some of the low-end roll-off experienced when feeding via the mic socket.

You'll need to go into the menu & set up the radio bandpass for the widest response - SSB TBW (L) set to 100 & SSB TBW (H) set to 2900 if you're using external EQ, then set Filter1 to 3.6kHz

Next, adjust the internal bass & treble settings to '0'

Finally, you want the speech processor turned off

I'm not familiar with the 480 but I'm sure someone will comment soon enough. :wink:

Good luck :twisted:


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