Kenwood TS-450 - Voodo Suggestions?

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Kenwood TS-450 - Voodo Suggestions?

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First time poster, short time viewer, I just got a Kenwood TS-450 and then stumbled across this whole new world of Voodo audio. Now you have my attention!

I want to take some baby steps into Voodo and would like some suggestions. On my wish list so far in the Heil PR-40. Spoke with Bob Heil in person and he convinced me that this is the right mic for my voice.

From what little I have read so far, it sounds like coming in the back of the rig is the way to go to avoid the limitations of the mic circuit, am I right?

If so, can some one give me a suggestion for step one of my adventure into voodo audio on my TS-450? Remember, I am new to all of this so picture with circles are arrrow might be good!

Thanks in advance to you Voodo Gurus!


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Howdy Steve,
Welcome to the Forum!!!!
Glad to see you here and having an interest in VOODOOOOO!

Unfortunately, the TS-450 is not the best rig for ESSB.
Although it is the Baby brother to the TS-850, it lacks one of the 850's best features...You cannot set the Menu to change the Transmit Filters.
You are stuck with the 2.7Kc Filter on Transmit.
The only option would be to change the filter out, or somehow change the switching of the filters on Transmit.

That being said...
Yes the PR-40 is a terrific Mic.
Only thing is that it requires a Pop Filter as the Plosives on it are pretty bad.

Going in the 'Back-of-the-Rig' with Line LEvel Audio is different on every radio.
It does By-pass the mic amps on most rigs, but it was designed as a Digital Audio Input and thus most manufacturers installed a very small value coupling capacitor inline with it.
This limits the lows severely depending on the value.
Most rigs will cut your lows off at about 100 to 150Hz using this Audio Input.
The TS-870 is a prime example, check out this thread on the C131 Mod.
As far as the TS-450 is concerned, we have never looked into it to see if and what the capacitor value is.

Our suggestion is to Research, Research, Research, and then Research some more.
There are allot of great websites out there on ESSB.
There is allot of information to absorb for sure!!

The most important thing Steve, is to have Fun with whatever your doin!
Take Care,
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Post by KC8TMV »

Thanks so much for the information. A little depressing as I thought I was getting a pretty good rig, but then again, I was unaware of this whole Voodo world.

If anyone is aware of any Voodo that can be done on a Kenwood TS-450 regarding either the possibly of a capacitor cut or any other thoughts on the transmit filter, please let me know!

If none of this is possible, maybe the best thing I can do is to go with the PR-40 and the EQPlus + the 8 band from W2IHY. Any thoughts on that from anyone?

Thanks again and I will be listening for that great Voodo Audio around the bands.

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