FT-1000MP MKV Recording and capturing monitor audio

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FT-1000MP MKV Recording and capturing monitor audio

Post by W6WTF »

I recently returned to radio after taking a few years off, and I can't seem to get things back to working as they should. I have my rig connected directly to the PC using an rs232 cable same cable as I used before, and an audio cable from the AF Out behind the rig to the line-in on the sound card.

The problem I am having while recording is that I am not capturing my monitored audio, I am hearing my monitored audio if I turn the PC speakers up, but its not making it to my recording.

Not sure what I am doing differently then I did in the past when my recording would capture my audio as well as the RX audio, now my TX/Monitored audio just mute's on the recordings.

Hopefully this is just something simple that I am overlooking.

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Post by !KANT »

I believe the issue is using the AF Output on the BACK of the rig. Try using the Headphone jack on the front of the MKV. (I'm sure you've figured it out after all these months, or threw everything back into storage and avoid the headache...LOL!!)

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