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Bellari UK Mains Voltage.

Posted: Tue May 06, 2014 3:23 pm
by Glenn Nutsey
Just received my new Bellari RP520 & 533 from "sunny Utah" and I wanted to know pif it will run straight from the UK 240 v supply.

The instructions only state:

Power 120VAC (230VAC) 15VA

I assume it runs both but no doubt there a several UK Bellari users who could confirm please.



Posted: Wed May 07, 2014 2:24 am
by Voodoo Guru
Howdy Glenn,
We know on the older units that the primary windings of the power transformer had to be wired different to operate on 240VAC. The primary windings were wired in series for 240VAC, and wired in parallel for 120VAC mains.

If you bought these new from Rolls/Bellari, you might send them an email and ask if they were wired for 240VAC, or ask them to send you the instructions to convert it to 240VAC.

Good Luck!