Kenwood TS 990

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Kenwood TS 990

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What is the word on the TS 990?
Are there any inkling of it being in the 850, 870, 950SDX stable?
Here is Rob Sherwood review of the 990 ........

((((73)))) INXS.

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Howdy INXS,

Haven't heard any Audiophiles thoughts on the rig as of yet. Nor have we heard one on the air.

The Jury is still out....

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Post by !KANT »

I've hear about six on the air from "standard" users. Nothing close to eSSB audio, but I figure these users are still becoming familiar with their units. A couple days ago I heard one user say the "TS-990 is a worthy successor to the 950SDX..." The operator also is a user of an SDR 5000. I would really enjoy some reports with actual hands-on experiences from anyone in the eSSB Community. We will continue to keep our hears to the Air and listen for what we may discover.

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