Behringer Ultra-Voice Digital VX2496

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Behringer Ultra-Voice Digital VX2496

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The last addition to my audio rack is the Behringer Ultra-Voice Digital VX2496 as a replacement to the Behringer Xenyx 802 mixer that I was using as a mike preamp. Well, with this one I've got 4 rack boxes. 8)
I connect this last new unit before the first channel of MDX1600. Behringer VX2496 got also a compressor that could be use as a pre-comp but, from my point of view MDX1600 is much better on this side so I keep the VX2496 compressor OFF.
The functions that I keep online are Preamp, Noise-Gate, Tube Emulation, Voice Optimized EQ and the Opto-De-Esser that can be configured to run on 2.7Khz operation frequency.
I just wonder, for you, those audio-heads that had experience with this device (VX2496). What settings and features do you recommend?

My current setup is Mike B1 -> VX2496 (Gate, EQ,Tube Emulation, De-Esser) -> MDX1600 Ch1 (soft compressor 2:1) -> DSP1124p (EQ) -> MDX1600 Ch2 (aggressive compresor 4:1, peak limiter)-> DSP2024 (Effects Processor) -> DIY XLR iBox -> Kenwood TS850s.

Thanks in advance! :wink:
73 de Dan YO3IBW

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