DSP UNIT and/or connectors gone bad! TS950SDX

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DSP UNIT and/or connectors gone bad! TS950SDX

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Hi y'all Voodoo Heads and Audiophiles!

My trusty TS950SDX has been developing intermittent cutting off of receive and transmit signal over time.......
Now, this has been getting worse over time and presently, the SDX does"hear" signals, but no AUDIO, just S meter showing strength of signals as I dial through the band. I tried wiggling and "treating" pins on plugs from DSP unit to rig with de-oxit......AUDIO comes on at random, but right now the only "positive" is that the S meter does show activity on the band. No RF out either, so I can't transmit or hear audio.

I could try and and attempt fixing this by myself (if it is fixable.....), perhaps double-checking all the connections inside the DSP unit, those connectors on the PCB as well? Not sure how "easy" it is to find out what the Part Number of a "replacement DSP Unit" is? I do have the S/N of the rig of course, but I am not sure if Kenwood is interested in helping me find out what the Part Number of a replacement DSP unit is? I would imagine that DSP units of TS950SDX are different among the different manufacturing runs.....?

At times, I see units for sale on EBAY (no guarantee at all to know for sure if claims made are true and/or if a DSP Unit would actually work in my rig?), but would any of you have other suggestions. Other than buy another SDX......if there was a "tech special" with a DSP Unit that WORKS would be nice, but that is wishful thinking :roll:

Any thoughts or suggestions would be really appreciated!!


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