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Grind My Gears Moment..."You Sir, Are Wide!!"

Posted: Mon Feb 03, 2014 8:36 pm
by !KANT
*In Peter Griffin's Voice* You know what grind my gears??...

The operators with bandSCOPES built into their radios. Then come to the frequency where another station is operating to tell them, "you're wide, I can see it on my scope!!" I have heard this first hand on several occasions, different bands, day and night, with stations transmitting no more than 2.9kHz on ICOM's, brick-walled at 3kHz on SDR's and Kenwood radio at 2.4kHz. Yet some operator continuously revolts that the station is wide because his bandscope shows this. And it's occurring more...and more. When asked how strong the offending station is, the report is S-9+20, S9+30, +40, +50. Mind you, the scope-dope is listening 3kHz away expecting to not hear a thing. And don't expect them to go away quietly either. (Maybe there should be an in-depth manual included with these transceivers on how to properly understand bandscopes in regard to signal strength.)