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Software Audio Processing...

Posted: Mon Feb 03, 2014 5:36 pm
by !KANT
As many of you may have already noticed, more than just a few Hams are using Software to process their audio rather than rack gear. In fact, they're sprouting thru the weeds at a secretively decent pace. It shouldn't be of any surprise considering the trending popularity of SOFTWARE Defined Radios. But many of these SAP users are not SDR owners. These are average SSB/Phone operators learning the curve of the Digital Recording Software such as Studio One, ProTools, Reason and the more popular CuBase. The most alluring feature of Software Audio Processing, is the LIMITLESS combination of Plugins (which would cost tens of thousands of dollars in the hardware realm). [Note: I'm speaking from a Music Recording stand point.] Sure, this quite easily transitions to vocal work, which is straight up the alley of SSB/Phone. So, what do you think??--interesting or not??