i´m damned to run qrp :(

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i´m damned to run qrp :(

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hey guys,

how much are your 850s pushing out? i found mine pushing around 50wtts.. even with high input level, way too much to sound good, alc pumping, it´s no more output. and the current reads around 10a...
is that ok? can i adjust something? since i´m running barefoot, i could use the power up to 100w or whatever that thing may spit out

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Throttled Back

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Howdy Andy,

Well, ours shows about 40 watts PEP.
But, we have our ALC tweaked up a little to take out allot of that "Pumped Up" sound. We personally can't stand that "In Your Face" Audio. This of course reduces the RF Drive to the Finals.
We like ours nice and Laid Back and Smooooooooth.
We would suggest that you check the Transmitter Section Alignment on the IF and RF Boards as per the Service Manual. And also check that your ALC Voltage is close to spec.

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