Another Grind My Gears Moment...

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Another Grind My Gears Moment...

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Setting Up Audio...

eSSBers, we are much familiar with the fact we have spent countless hours setting up our audio ON and off the air--infatuation describes our drawn desire to SSB audio. We have listened to countless stations follow and perform this ritual over the air as another station critiques the on-the-fly tweaks by offering another set of ears. 

This can be educational and fun--copying down frequency tweaks to test for self, throwing in comments to help or (jokingly) taunt, or concluding they're all bonkers and suffer from acute audible deficiencies....LOL!! There is nothing wrong with any of this in any least to a degree. 

No, I'm not about to bytch about using up "valuable" air time or allocated band space--really don't give a shyt. But I must make a suggestion by which just about every audio enthusiasts fails to practice at one time or too often: Repeating the same passage while making any adjustments/tweaks. You know...the, "Sally Seashells...", "Sixteen, Seventeen...", and even the (pointless), "Quick Brown Fox..." are great to utilize in speech when fiddling with knobs or buttons. 

Try to avoid saying, "'s that sound??", it doesn't help. To make matters worse or more difficult, don't make VERY short transmissions after each tweak (1-2 sec.). Make longer ones in the range of 5 to 7 seconds--hell, make it 10 for the sake of the other stations assisting you. Use passages which can be accentuated within your TX bandwidth--anyone prizing that you have "sparkle/brightness/air/polish" at the top when you're maxxing 2.8KHz, they're deaf or have a huge misconception.  

Another suggestion; do NOT fear telling the assisting station(s) that you don't prefer a particular sound. Remember, you're doing this to satisfy yourself, UNLESS of course you're doing all this just to entertain and cater to others--I'm just sayin'....don't do it. Build your sound...strengthen your sound...enjoy YOUR sound.  

One last suggestion. Be very much aware of WHOM you request assistance from. If their goals or vision strays, voids or craters from yours find another to assist you. What sounds great to one group, may be criminally horrendous to another--we've witnessed this time and time and time again. Oh yea, make sure to DOCUMENT your settings for future recall. Yea, we've all had that moment right?? (DOH!!)

So America (and beyond), if it fits wear it. If it doesn't make it. Push the envolope...experiment...enjoy!!--no, my settings will NOT work for you...LMAO!! 


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