Another Grind My Gears Moment!!....

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Another Grind My Gears Moment!!....

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"You Sound Like A Broadcast Station!!"

Ok eSSBers. Here we are again, being reminded of the subjection of sound. We've all heard this over and over again as an audio report from one 2.4KHz or less "narrowband" station to another. And many times our expressions are quickly suspended to that of bewilderment--followed by a coarse, "WTF??!!! Are they seriously on some recently administered drugs??!!"

Personally, I wonder if they hear a station like one of us, do they think it's an Almighty Audio God/Titan brought to deliver them from the blinded narrow paths of consciousness bringing them to need a clean pair of shorts because of self-defication or orgasmic proportions??--I'm just askin'... 

I've monitored stations that have wonderfully pleasing audio (which easily outshines these so-called 2.4KHz or less "sound-BC"). And rarely are they recognized except by someone who admires audio. Be it below, on or above their Audio Caliber. Aaaand these stations arent necessarily wider than 3KHz either. 

I remember listening to a DX station on 20M earlier this year and he was using the infallible '850/100 combination. Needless to say (but will) his audio was killer!! The more interesting aspect wasn't that he was commanding Alpha-Dog audio reports. But the stations he weeded out of the piles all had full audio, not that earbleeding NOISE. I LMAO when I realized the criteria he was applying and gave him a call. Obviously I was immediately picked up and he "had to know" what I was using...--'870, two rack units, 700W, dipole at 50' "59...that's an '870??!!" 

'Bout time we turned the tables...LOL!!

America (and beyond), ya just gotta love the REAL audio stuff maaaaan!! 


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