Add some more VOODOO to your sound.

The Secret Weapon?
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Add some more VOODOO to your sound.

Post by w5udx »

Other than buying the 3200 back in 1997, the best addition to the rack of VOODOO was the Bellari RP-533.
If you read the pro audio reviews it sux. Most pro's don't like the color (VOODOO) that it adds to the mix, but trust me after doing a few changes within the audio chain and the tubes in the 533 you can reach a new level of VOODOO.
It cost a little more than the usual hammy radio micpre but very worth it.

First off get the tubes replaced with a 5751 tube. There are several types, the RCA command series are the best, but at 100 bucks a pop (and you need 2) and can find them, its tuff, but I've found the GE JAN 5751 greyplates or the GE 5 star blackplates are very close. They are between 15 and 50 bux and they are easier the find. ( I have links if you need them)

The other trick to the 533 is SHHHHHHHHH this is a secret.

Use the compressor like a tone control. With the tube gain and running the release slow and the attack fast along with the bottom control of the exciter, it will blow your mind how much the compressor adds tube distortion. Now that's not audio distortion, so don't worry when you hear the audio elites saying "oh that's just noise, I don't do that voodoo shit" Its like adding a jazzzzzzzy sound to an already smokey room. Think of it as Barry White stoned out of his mind. hahahahahaha
:partyman: :weedman:

So do what you can to piss off the pinheads and dxers and get some VOODOO on the air.

Stand out!

Put some funk in your rack.

Tick off the pocket pen protector callsign baseball cap wearing narrowed up D104 3rd knuckle buried dxer near you. :supz:
Don't give me that sissy ass audio, put some lows in it!


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Post by !KANT »

:lol: :lol: :lol: --"Barry White stoned out his mind"-- :lol: :lol: :lol:

Greg, you need to respond more often's hilarious!!!

Now, back to business... I'm really trying to keep an eye for the Commanders, but worse come to worse [when the time comes] I'll substitute with the GE's. To be honest it'll be a while before I get the RP533. And yes, I did see the poor reviews of the '533, but glad you clarified why that is.

The point of VooDoo Audio is to be different and go even further against the grain. I have to admit that I was surprized--actually not really :roll: --and little disappointed that my friend Tyler quickly advised to "not getting into VooDoo" :cry: I can tell this DEFINITELY is only for a handful of true believers in the sound and technique(s).

The Thunder of cometh... :wink:

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Harmonix Rule!!

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Amen My VooDoo Brutha!!

Greg Said it all.
That has got to be My most prized piece of Audio Equipment in the Rack.
That combonation gives your Audio such Rich, Thick, and Robust Harmonix, is unbelievable.
It really is like "Magic"...."Black Magic".....

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