The Haunting Resonance of Tubeage

The Secret Weapon?
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The Haunting Resonance of Tubeage

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There is nothing...and we mean absolutely nothing...
that can compare to the Resonant, Harmonic Rich Sounds that come from using Tube Equipment.
Not just any Tube Equipment, but the equipment that uses High Plate Voltages on the Tubes (Ssssshhhh, thats a secret....). By High Plate Voltages, We mean at least 250 Volts and up. Most of the so called Tube Equipment out there is really just for show and does minimal, if anything to the audio. They use about 50 volts or so on the plates.
Of course to get this, the cost starts to go up on the units. Most of the High Voltage Tube stuff is High End equipment and costs big money.
The best "Bang fer the Buck" are the Tubeage Units made by Rolls/Bellari. There stuff uses High Plate Voltage (250 volts) and is built very well. Bellari is not liked by allot of so called "Purists" because of the fact that it does put some "Coloration", and "Harmonics" into the Audio. Hell...thats what We like about it!!
Gimi those Harmonics BABY!!!
The best piece of equipment they make for VooDoo Audio is the RP533 Studio Tube Multi-Processor. It uses two 12AX7 type tubes. One for the Preamp/Compressor Section, and one devouted to the Exciter Section. We use the Compressor for Tonal Coloration Effects, and of course the Exciter for those Wonderful Resonant Harmonics!!

Now here is the most important Secret of all time. This is the Secret that will really give you that Full, Resonant, Harmonically Rich VooDoo Type Audio.

"Tube Rolling".
Change out, or "Roll" the Tubes to "RCA Command Series 5751 Black Plates".

Yea, yea, yea, we know...they are getting expensive, but there worth it.
There are some other tubeage alternatives, but they just don't have the "sound" the RCA Command Series have. We guess the closest to the Command Series would be the "GE 5 Star 5751 Triple Mica Grey Plates".
You will notice a difference right away...but the real difference is after about 50 hours of "Burn In" time.
Their Awesome!
The 5751 Tubes have less gain then the 12AX7's. As a result, they have less "Distortion" and "Microphonics". They were actually "Rugedized" Tubes, designed for use by the Military and the Broadcast industry.

Well now you know some of our VooDoo Secrets. Now We will have to make a VooDoo Doll of your Station and start twisting your Audio...mooo hooo haaa haaa ha ha ha!!!
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Now that is some vital information. Thank you Mike.


Wow....$140 for a matched pair--not as bad as I thought. But rare and sold out...

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