RCA Command Series 5751 in a tube condenser?

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RCA Command Series 5751 in a tube condenser?

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Howdy y'all,

Luckily I still have my MXL V69 Mogami Edition tube condenser as it is starting to sound pretty decent : )) I swapped out the original tube and replaced it with a NOS made in West Germany that did make a perceptible difference in the audio!

Now, I think that mic expects to see an 12AT7 tube in it that makes me wonder if I replace the current tube - Amperex "PQ" Premium Quality 6201 / ECC81 / 12AT7- with a RCA Command Series 5751 Black Plate tube that exhibits a slightly higher gain factor will this pose a problem for the circuitry in the mic??

Sure would appreciate some feedback 8)


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