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Why are so many Amateur Radio Operators so Scared of Running Low Frequencies in there Audio?
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Back to the future of ESSB

Post by SawzAll »

There has been a lotta hammerin on da Voodoo that we do...

So...There has also been a lotta talk on ESSB possibly being put on 10 thru 20 meters. But what about 75m? Will it ever make the cut?

Is it possible to carve out a slice of 75m that can be called home ground? Da FCC doesn't make those decisions; they are only there to enforce existing regs. It is da peoples dat make these choices.

Seriously now...

Perhaps this forum can become GROUND ZERO for the efforts to change current regs. This will mean there must be some simple organization that can be ralleyed here - so that email/letters can be sent to pressure key legislators to get this change we seek. If all can write an email/letter; then their copy can be posted here, so that others can use it as a 'form letter'. Or just write a fresh one; that would be best and only take a few minutes. How long does it tale to make a post here? See what I mean? They cannot/will not ignore emails; because they would like to appear as though they are trying to do their jobs. So, lets make them work for our tax dollars - for us - and NOT against us. Cost to us - NADA! We are not going to get anything if we just lay down and do nothing about it. Consider the fact that they are presently at work to bend it another way!

A simple plan will work. But it needs an agenda. Width, power usage, class usage, and a specific frequency or three would need to be decided upon.
Then, emails can be sent as often as you think about this issue.
Or every time someone gives you jive about da Voodoo...

Don't waste time fretting about it!

Let's make a simple plan and start the email shower. We will need to find out which legislators are the ones to contact. Any/all ideas are open; if this is cool with the Admins of this site - that is.
Are we cool on this thang?

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We beg to differ,
As the regulations stand now - WE ARE LEGAL!!!!!!!
There are no Regulation by Bandwidth rules now.
We DO NOT need any more regulation.

What we do need is for the eSSB crowd to learn the technical aspects of what there doing so that they can be able to give a rational explanation with facts and figures to those who wish to debate with them. This, if done calm, cool, and collected, will 99% of the time Shut Them Up! You can't argue with facts, and if you do, then you just showed yourself to be an ignorant ass.

So, Please everyone read these fine informative pages put together by John, NU9N. Once you wrap your brain around this, you will see that what we do is perfectly legal, and you will be able to convey this over the air.

We do not need any more NEW regulations.....period.
All out efforts should go towards STOPPING the change of regulations as they now stand. The organization to watch will be the ARRL as they have pushed the Regulation by Bandwidth Agenda in the past. Granted it was defeated at the time, but they stopped the proceeding with the option to still have RM-11306 held open in case they want to pursue this again.

We have been keeping an eye on them, it's just a matter of time before they resurrect that monster.

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Post by SawzAll »

Thanks for clearing that up...

My intention to write that was based upon what I could gather on the situation, comments from other Hams not involved with ESSB, and a generous portion of disinformation by the same.

I appreciate those links.

I understand that the FCC and legislators are presently trying to muck with the internet as well. Strangely, some internet news are claiming the legislation has been sponsored by AT&T! They are trying to carve more pie for themselves.

So, whenever I hear any legislator trying to take something from the people and give it to business, I immediately wish to let them know that the people aren't asleep at the wheel. Too much is being compromised in ways that works against the people - than for them. If I hear Hams are trying to take some voice away for other Hams; It also gets my fur ruffled as well.

I withdraw my previous statement...
I'm sorry for the misguided enthusiasm!
I digress...

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