And Yet More Thunda,, Let the Wrath Cometh..

Why are so many Amateur Radio Operators so Scared of Running Low Frequencies in there Audio?
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And Yet More Thunda,, Let the Wrath Cometh..

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OK all,, here it is,, I have been working a long time to collect all this stuff,, and I wanted to share the gear and see how you all would arrange it..

I have an MXL V69 Mogami Edition mic (Tube)
DBX 286A Preamp
Bellari 533
Behringer DSP 1124 EQ
PEQ 2200 EQ (For gain control)
EX 3200 Wired to UDX spec
TC electronic Triple C (Voodoo Modded)
DSP 2024 Effects processor
RX 1602 Mixer

Run all that into the one and only VMMKV Yaesu 1000 MP (Yaewood)

Is the configuration what it should be????

come on Y'all Lets bang that monkey!!!
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