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Why are so many Amateur Radio Operators so Scared of Running Low Frequencies in there Audio?
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essb advice

Post by kg4jcy »

Lookin to help my ts 2000 out in the audio department. I have a gm5 mic on it now and get good reports, just thinking about some aditional equipment. I was lookin at the w2ihy stuff but open to other sugestions. If you were buying your first piece of audio equipment what would it be. It would need to be stand alone for now but let you add other pieces as needed.

Thanks for any help. Joe, kg4jcy

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Hi Joe.I too run a TS-2000 with rack gear.I do not think you will find a one piece does it all but the W2IHY 8 band EQ might be a start and you can usually find a good deal on one at many of the swap sites(,E-HAM,etc.)but for what they are going for new you can get a good rack system for that.Check some of your local music stores as some carry used and trade in gear.This is what I am running:
MXL 990 condeser mic,Behringer 2200
mic preamp,Behringer 1100P EQ,DBX 166 compressor,Behringer 2024 virtualizer pro and Behringer DI 100 to pad down the audio to mic level and hum elimination.A few of those pieces I bought used at my local music store.
Enjoy.Mike kc7ov

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Post by ruisgc »

Hi Joe.

If I were you, I buy a small ART TUBE MP mic pré (excelent piece for the price), then the DEQ2496 and a DI 100 Box from Behringer.
The mic you can find good deals in your local stores for shure.

Hope this can help you.

Kind regards,

The VOODOO from Portugal .........

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Post by kg4jcy »

Thanks for the reply's. I'll look into these other pieces of equipment.

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Post by causmik »

This is my first post here but have been reading for quite some time now. I have been running audio gear and studio mics for years and never really knew what I was doing but apparently I have it figured out. Everyone I talked to said I sounded different than anyone else out there (I knew((know)) that). This is why I did it.....and still do it. It has taken me a number of years to get it.

I am a CB'er......not into big power (although it is at my disposal). Just like the audio I can generate with a good processor and gating/compression capabilities with my EV 664 Dynamic. I ran CB stuff....high end...and got raves but when I put my Icom 735 inline and grabbed accessory port 1.... I was blown away. Outstanding to say the least.

I am an AM operator. Can't hear myself on SSB without a bunch of noise. Can someone help here? My question is this. By modifying these and/or other radios what can I expect to hear that is so much better or just different that what I am already hearing?

I have listened to many different "gates" or clips and honestly can't really tell much difference than what I hear here on my monitor radio. It is obviously clean and clear but I really can't see a big difference. Again please realise I am running AM as I don't know how to listen to SSB at the same time that I transmit. I get bigtime noise when I try.

Thanks all.....your friend Mike in Oltmpia Wa, USA.

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Post by SawzAll »

I took my ART Tube MP Project preamp back to Guitar Center, and paid the difference twards the Behringer 2200 Mic preamp. What a difference! Never looked back after that one!

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Post by !KANT »

Since upgrading from the MIC2200 to the RP220...I've been giddy... :twisted:

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