triple c firmware update. error codes

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triple c firmware update. error codes

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Hello Gang,
Needing some help here with the triple c firmware.
I'm try'n to do the v2.02 and I keep getting error code 6. Looking at the instructions it says reboot after error code 9 or 1 and try again. Well I'm getting the triple c to start downloading the new verison 000 to 0037 then it stops and shows this error code 6 . I've rebooted and started over many times and it always stops at 037 then the error code 6? I haven't been able to even find error code 6 on the internet and have had no luck with contacting tc electronics. Any input will help. THX w5kai
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Howdy Steve,

We have had the same problem and found out it was the USB interface. The Triple C didn't like the USB running with Windows 7 64. We had to wind up using Windows XP and using the Game controller to MIDI cable in the Audigy Soundgcard.

You might have to try some different configurations and or Operating systems.

Good Luck
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