Buzzing DEQ2496

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Buzzing DEQ2496

Post by m0mjt »

i have a rode procaster into a ub802 mixer, then into my deq , onto my rig but it has a faint buzz even when im monitoring audio with the deq power off ! whats all that about?
help please

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Welcome to the forum, we're glad for you to be here.

Need to answer a few questions...

What kind of rig is it and where are you injecting the audio at, ie.
How do you have the audio being input into the rig?

Are you using Balanced XLR cables in between your units?

We can give you a few tips in the meantime...

First thing is to try and deduce exactly what is generating the buzz/hum.

This can be done by systematically plugging the headphones directly into the unit. Note that you will only get audio out of one side of the cans and that you will not be able to do this with the DEQ2496 as it does not have a TRS Output jack.

Unplug the output from the mixer going to the DEQ2496 and plug your headphones in there. Do you hear the Buzz?

If so then the buzz is either coming from the Mic or the Mixer.
If you have another mic then plug that into the mixer and see if the buzz is affected.

So as you can see there are allot of different steps to troubleshooting. You basically want to deduce down to the offending culprit then try and figure out what to do to fix it.

First step is to find what unit is doing the buzzing.
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Post by w5cul »

Sounds like a ground issue to me...floating AC riding the cable. May want to make sure that all of your equipment is grounded to the same ground point such that there is no difference of potential between any of them. Remember, each piece of equipment is interconnected via the ground shield of the audio cables that connect between them. To keep from having floating AC conducted across those audio cables, each piece needs to have a good tie from chassis to a single shack ground. Just sounds like that may be the issue, but then again...

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