FTDX-5000 - 4Khz Total Transmit Bandwidth

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FTDX-5000 - 4Khz Total Transmit Bandwidth

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FTDX-5000 - 4Khz Total Transmit Bandwidth Frequency
Enable TTBF mode - All models

There is a secret "Power On" function built into the FTDX-5000 that allows the rig to transmit from 50Hz to 4Khz. It is called TTBF which stands for Total Transmit Bandwidth Frequency. Once enabled, it will extend your transmit bandwidth right out to 4KC. You may need to re-EQ your mic to tailor it to this new bandwidth.

To enable TTBF, turn the radio ON while holding in DNF on the CENTER VFO-A and DNR on the FAR RIGHT VFO-B.
Note: The DNF and DNR are right next to each other in between these 2 Sub VFO's. Once done, push the MENU button and turn the CENTER Sub VFO-A to MENU 104 A3J. Next, turn the FAR RIGHT Sub VFO-B fully clockwise and TTBF will appear. If you did this Power On mod correctly, should see TTBF instead of 3000WB. If you still see 3000WB, that means your little Power ON "mod" is not done right. Ya gotta do it again.
I program my CS button to take me directly to this menu so if I need to change the TX bandwidth on a fly, I just hit the CS button and it'll prompt me right to it and change the BW quickly. This is one of the neatest feature of this rig since sliced bread :)
On a side note regarding the receiver bandwidth, the WIDTH control on the rig is the receiver's bandwith adjustment. For hi-fidelity audio reception, I turn this knob fully clockwise. This is the one and only knob out of the whole rig that is turned "All The Way To The Right!" :)
You'll see that the display will show WIDTH 4.00kHz and the receiver will open up nicely.
You can undo this mod by repeat the same procedure or do a master reset.

Master Reset: Push & Hold FAST, LOCK and turn radio ON

73, Cor PD9CN

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