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DAW advice

Post by BigRadio912 »

Hello all, is anyone here running DAW software? I am running a KA0KA modified TS-850s, and while I have a good sound I am sure I can achieve some amazing audio quality. I am running Avid Pro-Tools with all the Waves plug-ins. I am just not sure what order of the plug-ins should be in, and setting up compressors, limiters, eq and such. Thanks in advance!

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Howdy BigRadio912, We're glad to have you on the forum!

We don't use any digital equipment here for audio processing, all is analog so unfortunately our information is at a minimum.

There are a few AudioHeads out there using DAW, can Ya'll help out Big Radio912?
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Post by !KANT »

It's such a heartbreak I did not see this post 2 years ago. I started incorporating DAWs into my audio chain in March of 2014. Within weeks all my rack has been placed into storage. Since then, I play radio from time to time and when I do, you better believe my DAW is front and center.

I'm still an advocate for Digital Audio Workstations. [In fact, just picked up another Audio Interface for use with my laptop for another setup]. Why more eSSB'ers and/or DX'ers not using this format is mind-boggling. The results are wonderful and LIMITLESS.

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Post by kg6pqq »

Could you do a video using your DAW. I used your clip of walking through your rack piece by piece as a reference for setting my rack up. It would be interesting to hear your different plugins piece by piece. Thanks

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Post by !KANT »

Currently not in a position to record video, though I would really be interested in doing so. A couple of years ago I did over the air comparisons of the impact of virtual audio. Showcased Bypass, ESSB and DX Modes with audio parameters of the DAW I was using. Listening stations (on 10 and 17M at the time) were intrigued mainly due to the way audio was processed--no rack gear--and instantaneous loading and recall of parameters. If the bands were in better shape it would have been great to catch you on the air and assist as best we can.

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DAW Advice

Post by JJ2013 »

Hi y'all Voodoo Gurus ad Audio Heads!

Yeah, I know my answer may not be on the money but I have found working with VST Hosts very easy and have yet to get the hang of DAW ;-) My PC is not fast enough for a real DAW so I am running a VST Host as my platform of choice.

I have used hardware gear (still got a lot of Behringer rack gear) but presently just using my VST Host (free version) and plug-ins. Some of them can cost a lot but whoever wants to try digital audio processing can find a slew of freebies which aren't that bad at least to get started. With my tube condenser mic with really good, low-noise, audio triode (Made in West Germany ) and my TS950SDX with a 4k INRAD filter installed get decent results :-)

Been using what is called "VST Host" for a while now with pretty good results. While DAW may have features that a simple VST Host does not, many of them are great if you don't have a good PC with quad-core processor in it. Mine is an Intel i5 dual core and things work out pretty well.

Using "Mastering software" that recording studios use now and the user-interface is so intuitive. It is a breeze to change the order of "VST Plugins" in the chain too.

Cheers from Texas!!


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