Solid-sate vs. tube amp and RFI in audio chains!?

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Solid-sate vs. tube amp and RFI in audio chains!?

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Hi y'all,

I am considering getting an amp and wondered whether anyone of you has noticed any difference between a "no-tune" and tube amp and if using one type over the other increases the "susceptibility" to increased pick-up of RFI by outboard audio processing gear? Also, I will not be putting out more than 500W at any time for the foreseeable future, but just wondering if a more "wide band" no-tune amp may make it "easier" for RF to get into outboard audio processing equipment or not? Perhaps I am under the wrong impression in thinking that having to actually tune a linear amp (= TUBES) may make RF into my audio chains less probabilistic?

Sure would appreciate some feedback!

73 de JJ

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Post by !KANT »

I can NOT provided a documented answer, but I've heard stations with both types of amplifiers and had their fair share of RFI--neither proved to be more problematic than the other. I will say, you WILL hear a difference between Solid State and Tube linear amplifiers. This test was done several times over the air in an A/B comparison a few weeks ago. The tube type linear amplifier had a distinct SMOOTHER and WARMER sound, hands down. So maybe with that criteria, you'll consider a tube type amplifier over the SS option. 8)

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